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Our family business.
The history

The origins

The origins of our family business go back to about 1895 when Pieter Bot started a market gardening company with seed and vegetable growing as its corebusiness. The next generation named the company Gebr. Bot and started producing tulips and crocuses. In 1927 the seed cultivation stopped. At the end of the 1930s the gladiolus and the hyacinth were introduced in the cultivation program. In the 50s the production of iris bulbs got started and the vegetable cultivation was reduced. At the same time, cultivation of hyacinth and gladiolus stopped. Later in the 60s, Gebr. Bot began their own preparation program for iris. This was important for risk management. In the 1970s Bot stopped growing bulbs completely. Over a period of three years Bot changed from being a grower to a trade and preparation company. As a result Bot has been active in bulb preparation for over 30 years. Preparation of bulbs the right way takes a lot of knowledge and experience. That is why Bot has specialized in flowerbulbs. Due to our concentration on a limited group of products we have been able to build a great deal of know-how. This enables us to sell these products year round. Our goal is to sell a top quality product to our customers so they can achieve optimal cultivation result.

Spezialisation and quality

Quality starts at the source. The know-how and experience of bulb preparation can be extensive, but a poor crop will never result in a good flower. That is why we set a group of standards for the bulbs. To ensure good quality we go to the fields and check the bulbs we buy personally. After selection we do not lose sight of the bulbs. All the bulbs purchased by us are checked, registered and followed right up to its flowering.


In 1992 Bot started a hybridising program for iris. We try to develop new irises that have a longer vase life. Before introducing new varieties we test them our selves extensively in our greenhouse. This way we can offer you a unique product. Already a lot of progress has been made and new irises have been introduced.These new introductions are named after Rivers.



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