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Bot Flowerbulbs since 1895

The origins of our family business go back to about 1895 when Pieter Bot started a market gardening company with seed and vegetable growing as its corebusiness. The next generation named the company Gebr. Bot and started producing tulips and crocuses. In 1927 the seed cultivation stopped. At the end of the 1930s the gladiolus and the hyacinth were introduced in the cultivation program. In the 50s the production of iris bulbs got started and the vegetable cultivation was reduced.

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Foto Sam van Diepen

Sam van Diepen

Purchase Tulip, Iris and Gladioli

Talen: English, German

Foto Harold Bloemendaal

Harold Bloemendaal

Sales manager

Talen: Spoken languages; English, German.

Foto Rene Beerepoot

Rene Beerepoot

Purchase lily

Talen: English

Foto Oscar Javier Orozco Silva

Oscar Javier Orozco Silva

Sales manager

Talen: Spoken languages; Spanish

Foto Vera Huzen

Vera Huzen

Sales manager

Talen: Spoken languages: Russian, English, Dutch

Foto Marco Knol

Marco Knol

Sales manager

Talen: Spoken languages; English, Spanish, German

Foto Evert Bot

Evert Bot

Algemeen Directeur

Talen: Engels, Duits

Foto Jeroen Stoop

Jeroen Stoop

Sales manager

Talen: Spoken languages; English, Spanish


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